Tap into a new source of online business - directly from printed magazines

If your products or services are featured in printed publications, the Ownable app connects inspired readers directly to you. Taking them from the printed page to online purchase – in just two clicks.

  • No intermediation
  • 100% attribution - even from browsing readers
  • Unprecedented analytics & insight into reader engagement
  • Over 50,000 app users ready to transact

Using our app, customers connect with you straight from the printed page – whether they’re buying on impulse or researching a more considered purchase.

As a brand or advertiser that’s featured in a particular magazine or newspaper, you will automatically be included in the app.

For the very first time, you have access to data and actionable insight into customer behaviour directly from print. But don’t just take our word for it – request an account and see for yourself.

Sign up to Ownable

  • Activate a revolutionary print-to-purchase bridge for your brand – tapping into a new source of online business from print
  • Track deep link-throughs to your website, attributed to specific printed publications
  • Review how and where your products are appearing in publications
  • Analyse reader behaviour and engagement with your products
  • Contact support@ownable.uk for more details.

For marketing

Gain unprecedented analytics and insight into customer behaviour. Understand how and where readers of printed magazines are engaging with your brand – and drive them to either your website or your point of sale.

For sales

Ownable refers new customers to you – along with their order and payment – to open up a new, attributable revenue stream from an otherwise inaccessible channel.

For advertising

Ownable is a first-of-its-kind concept in print advertising, helping you to understand the impact of your brand in magazines. It also provides new opportunities for reader engagement beyond the printed page, increasing traffic to your preferred channels and actionable insight into reader behaviour – while eliminating unwanted intermediation.

Download the app

How it works for merchants

Readers see something they like in a printed magazine and select the page in the app to view the details

They can choose to  Buy  with an in-app link that sends them directly to you

Or select  Fast Track for a two-tap purchase in the app – if you’ve opted in

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