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Ownable gives publishers a strategic stream of revenue, data and insight into reader behaviour. Enabling new ways to engage and enhance the magazine experience.

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For commercial

Ownable creates a digital bridge from printed page to purchase, opening up an entirely new revenue stream. As readers engage with products via the app, you gain previously unavailable, actionable insight into their behaviour and preferences.

For editorial

Ownable’s unique approach ensures the authority and independence of your editorial is maintained. On-page branding is designed simply to inform readers that the app is available – making the thumbprint ubiquitous in magazines.

For advertising

Ownable provides new opportunities beyond the printed page for your advertisers, increasing traffic to their preferred channels and actionable insight into reader behaviour. An in-app link creates a new way to draw readers into their brand experience directly from print.

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How it works for publishers

You promote the Ownable app on the page

Readers are inspired by your content

Choose to Order via website with an in-app link

Or select Buy now for a speedy purchase

You share the referral fee and access to the data

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