If it’s in a magazine, it’s Ownable

Ownable makes buying what you see in a magazine quick, slick and simple. So easy in fact, it’s almost as fast as flicking to the next page.

Download the app

Ownable saves you time and effort searching for products you’ve seen in magazines – and gives you a seamless way to buy.

Place orders

Whenever inspiration strikes, and whatever you discover, the Ownable app takes you directly from printed page to checkout. With just a few taps in our app, you can buy what you see in the magazine - when you see it.

Explore further

If you want to delve a little deeper, you can follow a link that takes you straight to the product brand’s website.

Save for later

If you’ve seen something you like – but you’re not ready to buy it – then save it to your favourites for later.

How it works for readers

See something you like in a printed magazine

Select the page in the app to view the details

Choose to Order via website with an in-app link

Or select Buy now for a speedy purchase

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